A Passion Bracelet is a Level 1 to 3 Treasure of House Beaumayn.

Overview Edit

Dame Lillian specializes in crafting these treasures. They appear as simple cloth or silver bracelets but in reality act as Glamour or Willpower "batteries," storing magic or resolve for their owners until it is needed. Given the great stresses that nobles of House Beaumayn face, these bracelets are a godsend. Cloth bracelets are always woven with a changeling's favorite colors and hold Glamour, while silver ones are inscribed with the wearer's name and hold Willpower. Each can hold a number of the appropriate type of points up to the level of the treasure. To add or remove points, one need only concentrate for a moment, which does not count as an action. So far, only a few bracelets are known to exist; personal gifts from Dame Lillian all, but as her talent grows, more will no doubt be forthcoming.

References Edit

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