Parvati was a female Cainite appearing in the early nights of the Anarch Revolt. A member of the Lost Tribe, she had immense knowledge and was councilor to Dastur Anosh himself. Her clan is unknown.


The death of a single man at a critical moment can defeat an army of thousands in a single stroke.
  — Parvati, on assassination
Around 1484 after the demise of the Lasombra Antediluvian, a faction of rebellious Tzimisce approached Gratiano de Veronese seeking his advice on how to kill one of the clan founders. While Velya and Vykos had already pretty well figured out their Eldest's location, they were merely scholars, not warriors. They had no idea how to go about the reconnaissance, especially since the place was apparently well off the beaten path. Nor could they really use their Tzimisce sorcery against the ancestor who'd bequeathed it to them in the first place and cherish any real hope of success.

And that's when Corvus and Parvati put their devious little heads together and came up with the ace in the hole that made the whole plan foolproof: the Tremere. The Tremere didn't do much; actually, they did very little. Something to do with screwing up the way the earth-energies in the area were flowing. It was a vital distraction at the right time, drawing the Founder's attention over to the esoteric while the real, very physical threat just marched on in. Even today, the Tzimisce are still unaware of that outside intervention, and the Tzimisce Antediluvian was diablerized by Lugoj after a titanic battle.

When the Sabbat emerged of the ensuing chaos, Parvati's twelve rules structured much of the practices within the Sect. It is said that Parvati was never one of the Seraphim primarily because of her gender - although she acted virtually as a Seraph, she was only a Dominion of the Black Hand.


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