A Paranoia Nervosa is a type of Chimerical creature.

Overview Edit

Paranoia Nervosa

This type of Nervosa will select a changeling to follow and cause them to see and hear things which will induce feelings of paranoia. Specifically, that anyone they meet is trying to push them even farther into Banality, ultimately to be Undone. This Nervosa's goal is to cause the faerie to trust no one, not even their closest friends.

Powers Edit

  • Hallucination: At the cost of one Glamour, the Nervosa can alter the victim's senses. This can cause the victim to see and hear things differently, perhaps sense things that aren't there, or not sense things that are. These hallucinations are specifically geared to feed the victim's insecurities, such as hearing her companions whispering about how horrible they are.

References Edit

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