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Pangaea, also called the Border Marches, was the ancient realm where Flesh and Spirit freely mixed, original home to Father Wolf and the other Pangaeans.


Early in human history, there was no Gauntlet; the Shadow bled freely into the physical world, and crossing between the two was simply a matter of knowing where to walk. Urfarah, the Lord of Boundaries, was the master of Pangaea, hunting both humans and spirits to ensure the balance between the two realms was maintained.[1]

The Border Marches combined elements of both Flesh and Spirit, often in chaotic ways; actual plants and animals mingled freely with their spirit reflections, and the topography trended to extremes, either starkly vertical or featureless flatness. Weather tended to similar extremes. Even the harshest climates was obviously full of life, and the air itself was strongly scented and invigorating. Any form of hunting in the Border Marches - whether the Uratha hunting for prey or one of the Wise chasing a particular spirit - was sacred; pursuit was easier, wounds healed faster, and spells of reshaping the world were more effective. There was also no Twilight state, so all spirits were inherently manifested at all times. Areas of intense human activity were cut off from Pangaea, shielded by a weak predecessor of the Gauntlet, but such locations were the exception, not the rule. [2]

Pangaea was home to strange beings of neither flesh nor spirit, including Pangaeans, the Firstborn, and the Geryo.[3] When the Sundering finally collapsed the Border Marches into the Gauntlet, many of these beings were forced to become either pure spirits or monsters of pure flesh.[4] While Urfarah was a distant god, the Firstborn at this time took an active interest in the lives of werewolves, presaging their future roles as tribal totems.[5]

The Sundering took place in the Neolithic Era, approximately 5000 BCE.[6] Modern Uratha relay tales to one another about the paradise that Pangaea was, and how the murder of Father Wolf destroyed it and split the People into the Pure Tribes and the Tribes of the Moon.[7]