Pandoran pilgrim

Pandoran Pilgrimage mark

Pandorans are creatures spawned when a Promethean's creation rite goes horribly wrong. Instead of creating a whole Promethean, the process transforms pieces of the reassembled corpse into small living creatures of a variety of shapes and abilities.

Like their Promethean creators, Pandorans draw power from Pyros, but they have no Azoth of their own. Instead, they are creatures of Flux.

Pandorans require Azoth to remain animate; without it, they enter Dormancy. In this dormant state, they resemble inanimate objects of varying types and sizes - anything from lumps of wood or rock through to sculptures or statues. They can even be shaped in the same ways as the objects they resemble.

Where Prometheans identify their type by Lineage, the various types of Pandorans are identified by their Mockery.