Pandora's Box, in the Kingdom of Chalk, is the best known Changeling nightspot outside of London.


Gladys Hazlitt
Located in Brighton, Pandora's Box has a well-deserved reputation for the hottest music and dance in the south of England. While it has a higher-than-average percentage of gay couples in attendance on any given night, Pandora's is popular with a wide variety of clients, from local students from the Universities of Brighton and Sussex to tourists and the local changeling populace.

Pandora's Box is owned and operated by Gilda and Gladys Hazlitt, a pair of Kithain who have turned what was once a seaside dive into a thriving business. It is said that the former owner, one Reginald Waterford, catered to a somewhat more gothic clientele, though thankfully, most of the black eyeliner palefaced crowd, as Regina calls them, have found other watering holes. Less known among the general populace are the circumstances under which the club changed hands. Among those who claim to know the story, it is said that Gladys won it from Reginald in a duel. The details are shadowy, but apparently Gladys had tricked him into drinking some highly intoxicating beverage just prior to the duel, though others claim that she was doing something entirely different with Reg in the back room.

The lights and music at Pandora's are without equal in Brighton, and the drinks are known both for their potency and wide variety; Gladys claims to be able to mix any drink ever concocted. Some say that she has developed a vegetarian version of a drink popular among some of the club's former patrons, apparently some variation on a Bloody Mary.


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