The Pallottino are a family of sorcerers and mages that date back to ancient Etruria.


The Pallottino have existed since before Rome and have survived as a merchant house. They claim to be descendants of the "Golden Race" that once ruled the world during the reign of Kronos. They have carefully cultivated their lineage and are now one of the most influential families of the European continent, witn contacts in all spheres of politics and commerce. Besides that, they see it as their duty to protect the tombs of the ancient Etruscan kings and of their own ancestors. Their main base is in northern Italy, from which the Pallottino wage a vendetta against the equally ancient Giovanni family for the attempted defilement of their tombs.

The Pallottino are nominally affiliated with the Euthanatoi, but the magic they practice is far older, dating back to the High Mythic Age. They worship the spirits of their ancestors, often keeping around bone talismans of them to stay in touch with them, and their Avatars often manifest as especially illustrous members. Furthermore, they are the only living people able to speak and write the ancient etruscan language. While they have only a handful of Awakened members, sorcery and mediumnism is a widely practiced field. Many join a different faction or tradition (in some cases even convention) upon Awakening, their principle loyalty usually stays with their family.

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