Pakourianis, often called "The Dove", was one of Michael's childer and one of the few that survived the Bitter Crusade.


In life, Pakourianis was a skilled painter who came to the attention of Michael since his adolescence. After being Embraced, Pakourianis acted as his sire's muse of paintings.

Pakourianis was deeply influenced by his sire, believing him to be a literal manifestation of the archangel. When the methuselah became more and more withdrawn, Pakourianis feared that he would leave without him and became obsessed with flying. He studied bird anatomy and worked closely together with Gregory the Wonder-Maker, who presented him several mechanical birds that the Toreador tried to decipher, without much success. Most often, he flung himself frustrated into the ocean.

Pakourianis survived the sack of Constantinople in 1204 CE, but it took a toll on his sanity. He continued his quest to learn how to fly, striving to follow Michael into heaven. His meditations tempered his anguish, but the flight of birds, Tremere gargoyles and other winged things fascinated him. Together with his broodmate Paul Bathalos, Pakourianis founded the Nephilim, a short-lived offshoot of the Toreador Clan that revered Michael as a literal divine figure.


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