The Pachamallki are one of the four Suyu of the Teomallki, the South American immortals most commonly considered a kind of mummy.


The Pachamallki were the first of the mallki suyu formed, resurrected from corpses packed with clay and stuffed with grass. They shared the original Spell of Going Westward with other cultures, creating the other three suyu.

During the Spanish invasion, the Pachamallki quikly realized that they could not win out over the Europeans with their steel weapons. Instead, they focused on protecting their own people as best they could, usually living in secrecy and silence. When the illi of other mallki lingered resentfully in the Shadowlands, the Pachamallki kept a long watch over their mortal kin.

This paid off when the Intimallki returned with the new, improved Spell of Going Westward. In exchange for the spell, the Pachamallki helped their newly returned cousins acclimate to the modern world. However, they want no part of the violent revenge so many Intimallki aspire to. They also, against the wishes of the other two suyu, shared the improved Spell of Going Westard with the Uchumallki.

Purpose and LiabilityEdit

The Pachamallki have incredible powers of self-healing, being able to almost instantly heal two points of Bashing damage or one point of Lethal damage per level of Direction. However, they are vulnerable to running water: a Pachamallki whose corpse is immersed in water cannot resurrect, and even if the corpse is removed from water the mummy still suffers a penalty for that resurrection.


The Pachamallki are the least fractious of the suyu and will aid one another without question if asked. However, they rarely organize into Teomallki-only groups. Rather, each Pachamallki is oriented towards a mortal community whom they guide and protect, fulfilling their original purpose as they have for thousands of years.


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