PCP, or Politically Corrupt Productions, is an Icelandic division of Pentex dedicated to producing computer games.


The acquisition of PCP also came with a hidden asset: a cabal of grotesque horrors trapped under the floating icebergs in Jökulsárlón, Iceland. As the climate warms, these cthonic monstrosities are breaking free, and their spiritual force is slowly corrupting all Icelanders: especially the PCP CEO, Halldór Pálsson.

PCP merged with Black Dog Game Factory, saving it from bankruptcy by Magicians of the Bay's OIL scheme. Most Black Dog employees effectively jumped ship, realizing they could make slightly more money by working insane hours making video games than they could by working insane hours making roleplaying games, leaving a skeleton crew.

PCP was well known for their massively-multiplayer space-themed math simulator, Space Accountant. The combined PCP force was also hard at work on the World of Shadow Online MMO, planned to depict a hellish Wyrmscape which reflected the world the Jökulsárlón horrors wanted to make manifest once they'd returned.

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  • PCP is a parody of CCP hf (Crowd Control Productions), who owned White Wolf between 2006-2015.

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