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Ozymandias Cody is an Awakened mage and an architect. It is unclear whether he was ever initiated into a specific Tradition, although he seemed to have a predisposition for the paradigm of the Sons of Ether.


Cody began having strange dreams in early 1996, dreams which prompted him to make drawings he didn't understand. He showed these drawings to his friend Card Farrel, who then invited him to a party in Las Vegas. Unbeknownst to Cody, Farrel was a mage, and they party was attacked by a Nephandus named Reginald Wojcik. Cody escaped with the help of his Avatar and Zydeco Jones, an ally of Farrel, but Farrel himself was killed.

Jones introduced him to the other members of Farrel's cabal, Petrus and Dr. Priya Ganesh, who explained that they were hunting Wojcik on behalf of the Order of Hermes. Cody joined the cabal, taking over Farrel's role as Jones' backup, but chose not to reveal anything to his wife Morgan.

The strain of his double life took a toll on his marriage; he did not explain to Morgan why he was away from home so often or why he couldn't sleep at night. Petrus advised Cody to leave his wife, but Cody loved her too much, and enjoyed his day job too much, to even consider. Eventually Cody left the cabal rather than continue hurting Morgan with his secrets.

After the Week of Nightmares and the Avatar Storm, Petrus and Dr. Ganesh disappeared, leaving Jones alone. She and Cody resumed hunting Nephandi, in memory of Farrel, though this time Cody introduced Jones to Morgan and presumably told her something of what he was doing.