The psion’s body adjusts itself to make use of any amount of oxygen available. At this level, the psion can breathe underwater, on hostile worlds, with a plastic bag over his head - anywhere, as long as his body can absorb even the slightest trace of oxygen. Since the shifter’s body channels his oxygen intake much more efficiently than normal, his stamina is enhanced greatly as well. A psion with Oxygen Absorption may still be knocked out by a blow to the head, though he is not harmed by chloroform or poisonous gases.

System: As long as there is at least a trace amount of oxygen present, your character breathes normally; simply spend one Psi point for each hour that the psion’s body must process its own oxygen. You may also add your character’s Adaptation rating to Endurance tests that rely primarily on oxygen loss and muscle fatigue. Your character can suffocate eventually if there is a finite amount of oxygen (say, in a vacuum chamber), but he can still survive in such an environment for hours or days, depending on the area’s size.

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