Owl is a Totem of Wisdom, a hidden stalker in the darkness. It is the totem of the Silent Strider Tribe.


Legends say that owls are vengeful spirits of the dead, perhaps because Owl has ties with the Underworld. Owl asks his children to leave helpless rodents in the woods to feed the owls that live there. His children become stealthier and gains wings when entering the Umbra.

He is a rival of Rat and the Ratkin, who object to his treatment of rodents.

In one tale of the Apocalypse, concerned for their own safety, the Hungry Ghosts turn on their former allies. Owl will appear to the Garou in a visage, and they must turn from him to continue their descent. He will reject them at that point as a totem, and the Hungry Ghosts adopt the Wyrmish form of Bat as their new one.

Traits & Ban Edit

  • Background Cost: 5

Traits Edit

  • Individual - Owl’s children gain wings when in the Umbra, allowing them to fly from place to place. They also subtract two from difficulties involving stealth or silence, and gain two points of Wisdom Renown.
  • Pack - Owl’s packs often receive premonitions and prophetic dreams that draw them to mystic places long forgotten. The pack gains three dice that apply to any Gift that involves air, travel, movement, or darkness. Silent Striders may appear to aid the pack when it is in danger, but packs that follow Rat (and Ratkin) are not well disposed towards Owl’s Garou.


Owl's children must leave small rodents tied and helpless in the woods for him and his kind.


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