Outsiders are a type of Urban Legend Chimera.

Overview Edit

Of all the nightmare chimera haunting the Dreaming, Outsiders are simultaneously the easiest to understand and the most frightening to encounter. Immensely powerful, they are birthed from and fed by the uneasy dreams of horror movie buffs, campfire storytellers, and Kithain with overactive imaginations.

Outsiders can manifest in any humanoid form, but typically fall into one of five specific archetypes. Implacable Monsters are terrifying, single-minded machines of death, difficult to escape and nearly impossible to kill. Smiling Men rarely appear as anything more than sinister shadows, showing only a grin and a flash of claws. Shrieks are pale figures, with distended features and inhuman wails, lunging at their victims from shattered mirrors and dark corners. Unbound Shadows hide in the shades cast by their victims, unseen and impossible to escape. Harbingers are the rarest of Outsiders as well as the most benign; strange figures dressed in black who never attack but appear somewhere in the background shortly before major catastrophe strikes.

References Edit

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