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Outcasts: A Players Guide to Pariahs is a sourcebook for the World of Darkness that details the supernatural creatures who do not belong, most notably the Caitiff, the Ronin, and the Hollow Ones.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
Far From the Maddening Crowd
The Camarilla, the Garou Nation, and the Council of Nine Traditions each have their own scapegoats, the little guys who are always getting kicked around. Exiled and alone, they haunt the back roads and alleys of the World of Darkness, always looking over their shoulders, watching...waiting. Paranoid? They should be, because something is really out to get them -- hungry for their blood, their rage, or their very souls.
Alone Against the Night
A World of Darkness clan/tribe/Tradition book in one! Includes complete details on the vampire Caitiff, the Garou Ronin, and the mage Hollow Ones. For players and Storytellers.
Outcasts: A Players Guide to Pariahs includes:
  • New Merits & Flaws, Disciplines, Gifts, rotes, etc.
  • The disaffected cultures and histories of the outcasts
  • Ready-to-play character templates




Introduction: The One and the Many


Chapter One: Caitiff


Chapter Two: Ronin


Chapter Three: Hollow Ones


Chapter Four: Storytelling


Appendix: Character Templates


Background Information

Memorable Quotes

I don't really believe the Caitiff are much of a threat. They are too weak to cause any permanent harm. Just the same they should be exterminated whenever possible. They breed like cockroaches and have a monumental disregard for everything that we hold sacred. Do not believe for one moment that they have no connections. They are being manipulated by at least a few of the shrewder Methuselahs.
  — Critias, Elder of Chicago
The clanless are a detrimental side-effect of non-selective Embraces. They are danger that should not be overlooked or ignored. Given a choice between allowing a Caitiff to live or Embracing a cobra, I would choose the snake. Never believe that they are separated from one another. I hold that Camarilla and its foolish followers are responsible for the creation of these pale charlatans.
  — Nefertiti, self-proclaimed "Queen of Europe"
I don't give a flying **** about Caitiff. Survival of the fittest. Sure some of the Caitiff come from our own clan. Poor fools. Teach'em what you can, and send'em on their way. We're all on our own here, each of us fighting the damn rat bastards that run the show. Why should the Clanless get special perks? Way I see it, they're looking reality straight in the eyes, and if they blink... Well, another casualty in the war.
  —  Dr. Raoul King
I like Caitiff. They tend to talk too much, but if you feed them well enough, they can be good companions. Just dan't tell anyone I said that. Did I mention they almost always end up joining our clan?
  — Bloody Mary, Elder of San Francisco
There are no Caitiff among the Sabbat. Join us, and you too can know what real unity is like. You don't have to be alone, my brother. You can join us and be among your own kind. There's strength in numbers.
  — Joseph Pander, nominal head of the Pander "Clan"
The Caitiff are an interesting phenomena. Learning just what makes them different from other kindred is a puzzle I would like to solve someday.
  — Claudius Maximus (deceased sadistic bastard)



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