Name: Osiris
Plural: Osirans
Pronounciation: Oh-sai-riss
Nicknames: Nepri
Progenitor: Osiris
Element: Water
Humour: Plegmatic

Osiris is the name of a Promethean Lineage. Osirans claim as their Progenitor the Egyptian god Osiris, who was dismembered and returned to life by Isis on the banks of the Nile. Their creation rites echo this event: after being immersed in river water mingled with herbs, the body of the deceased is divided into thirteen parts with a ceremonial bronze knife. The smallest body part is discarded, and the remaining parts then put back together. The new Osiran thus created is granted life by the element of Water, giving them an excess of phlegmatic humour.

The Nepri, as Osirans are sometimes known, take pride in their divine heritage, and display a regal authority which comes from nothing more supernatural than their own self-belief. Their Bestowment allows them to bring their fellow Prometheans back from the dead, displaying a mastery over life and death which makes it hard to discount their claims.

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