Osiris' Flail is a Legendary Pooka Treasure of the Kithain.

Overview Edit

The first pharaoh of ancient Egypt, Osiris,kept two symbols of power. One of these, his flail, is depicted on the sarcophagi of many of the pharaohs that followed in his footsteps. It is usually shown crossed with a crook over the chest of the dead king. The flail is a short-handled rod from which hangs a group of three leather strips decorated with wooden beads and bone. Legend states that the flail was a treasure given to Osiris by Horus, a falcon pooka. Reportedly, it recorded all of history in the chimerical carvings upon its bone and wood beads. To tap its extensive wisdom, a person simply asked a question, then touched the flail to her brow. The answer came immediately.

The last recorded appearance of the treasure was in 1970, when curators finally opened a sarcophagus left untouched for decades in the storerooms of the Smithsonian Institute. The Institute showed the flail on a flyer advertising objects due for display in the museum. The picture of the flail caught the attention of many pooka. It exactly resembled the flail that had disappeared so long ago. Furthermore, its release from the sarcophagus was like lifting a shroud off a beacon. Changelings for miles kenned its glow. This triggered the belief that it was indeed Osiris’ Flail. Many tried to get in to see it. Pooka traveled from around the world to Washington, DC. Unfortunately, the treasure never made it into the display. It disappeared and no one has reported seeing it since.

Many changelings, and other interested parties, seek this item for the power it would bestow upon its owner. Imagine having all the world’s knowledge at your finger-tips. Though some changeling scholars claim that anyone who used the item would likely find insanity before they would find enlightenment, there are many others who believe the flail could impart wisdom, wealth and happiness beyond compare... if the right questions were asked of it. And who better to ask questions than pooka? Others claim that the only knowledge held within the flail is historical and stopped being relevant with the fall of the Egyptian Pharaohs. No one has ever determined whether the knowledge it imparts is truth or Pooka-ese.

References Edit

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