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The Osebo are one of the legacies of Laibon. The warriors of the Laibon, the Osebo take their name from the famous leopard of West Ashanti legend. Although they are proud of their traditions and will defend them stubbornly, they depend on the other Laibon, particularly the Guruhi, as a focus for their energies. Left to their own devices, the Osebo are known for indulging the Beast and causing massive amounts of mayhem among the mortal population; kidnapping and murder are the usual pastimes of the patronless Osebo. The Osebo tend to be attracted towards mortals who are salt-of-the-earth types, although many Osebo were Embraced on a whim or were the victim of the Osebo's cradle-robbing habits.

Like Clan Brujah, the Osebo are prone to Frenzy more often than other Laibon. Combined with their prowess as warriors, an Osebo frenzy is a terrifying thing to behold.

Background Information

The book's original outline confirms that the Osebo are intended to be an offshoot of the Brujah.



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