Orzobal, the Black Griffin, seems to be the Chimerical guardian of Terebinthea.

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The chimera known as Orzobal is, in fact, an ancient Umbrood spirit, and has only recently (over the past three hundred years or so) taken on the seeming of a black griffin. Before this he was a condor spirit. When the Portola Party came up the coast, mapping the ley line of the Camino Real and marking sites for the Missions, they had the misapprehension that this new land was actually the Island of California mentioned in the popular fantasy novel of the time, Las Sergas de Esplandian. With this thought in mind, the took the California condors to be the man-eating black-winged griffins also mentioned in the novel (though the beautiful black-skinned amazon women were never found).

As a result, the land was named California and the condor took Griffin for its Latin name, and before any other spirit could seize the power of the strange new dream, Orzobal took it, for the black griffin's shape was even stranger and more terrifying than the thunderbird he liked to assume.

Orzobal was canny and opportunistic and thus changed with the times, clothing himself and increasing his power with the dreams of the foreigners, while the fortunes of other native spirits waned with the deaths of those who believed in them. Orzobak's gamble paid off, and where he was once a minor spirit, he is now a major Umbrood and wields power both in his own right, and through his ability to influence the other supernatural beings who look up to him, including those changelings who believe him to be a mere chimera, albeit a powerful one. Mages view him as a Node guardian, while Garou generally believe him to be a totem spirit, the best approximation of the truth, although he is not the red gryphon with which they are most familiar.

Orzobal did not burn his bridges as he gained power and still has friends among the Native American spirits and dreams, many of whom consider him to be a traitor, but a great number of which appreciate his pragmatism and his help in aiding their return. The totem poles of Terebinthea are among the works he has inspired.

Among the fae, Orzobal's favor has landed on the troll wilder Peter Oslo.

Powers Edit

  • Thunder: Orzobal may summon bolts of lightning that cause 8 dice of damage. For the cost of a Glamour he may also summon a thunderstorm.
  • Presence: Orzobal's presence is so great that an individual must defeat him in an opposed Willpower roll in order to make any offensive action against him.

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