The Ocean of Oroboros is the end of the fallen reality and the beginning of the Abyss, within Astral Space. Originally, there was a gigantic dragon who guarded the Realms Supernal from the intrusions of the unworthy, but when the Celestial Ladder pierced his heart, he dissolved into black dream-blood that washed before the gaping Abyss and separated the worlds.

Today, Oroboros lies just beneath the Aeonic citadels as an endless beach with black, oily waters. Creatures crawl from Oroboros to seek succor in realms of thought, or to engage in some dark mirror of the quest for enlightenment. Some believe that this is why the acamoth seek out powerful souls.

After all, the Abyss is a realm of ignorance and twisted Wisdom, so its denizens must steal virtue from other domains. The Ocean also congeals into strange shapes: three-legged, scaled things with umbilici that snake back to the water’s edge, or headless birds with fanged mouths on their breasts. Everything that is cast into Oroboros is lost forever, swallowed by the unreality of the Abyss. A mage can even cast his own Soul into it (this is one of the initiations of the Tremere).


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