Pronunciation: oar'-goh-tek
Proxy: Alex Cassel
Aptitude: electrokinesis

Orgotek is one of eight Psi Orders to reveal themselves to the public of the Trinity era. As with the other psi orders, Orgotek was founded in 2103 by one of the eight proxies — in this case, "Prexy" Alex Cassel.

Members of Orgotek are often referred to as electrokinetics (after their Aptitude), EKs (short for electrokinesis), teks (short for Orgotek or technokinesis), or zappers (due to the presumable primary use for electrokinesis).

Headquartered in the New New York arcology, North America is Orgotek's home geographical area. The Order's Prometheus Chamber triggers latents to the electrokinesis Aptitude.


Early Years Edit

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The Future Edit

Organization Edit

Orgotek is one of the largest megacorps in settled space. It and its divisions have their fingers in nearly every technological pie.

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