Ordo Dracul is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Requiem. It explores the secrets of the Ordo Dracul and their motivations as a covenant.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

Beyond Undeath
Visionaries among the Damned, members of the Ordo Dracul seek to transcend the curse of vampirism. Devoting themselves to hoary experiments and the philosophies of their leader, Dracula, the Dragons of this covenant seek to discover what lies beyond the Requiem.
A Covenant Guide for Vampire: The Requiem™
  • Details the history, hierarchy and goals of the Ordo Dracul (one of Vampire's core factions), and serves as an invaluable guide to the world of the Kindred from the covenant's unique viewpoint
  • The Ordo Dracul, the covenant founded by Dracula himself, has proven to be the most popular faction in Vampire: The Requiem
  • Features new bloodlines and Disciplines unique to the Ordo Dracul, including a new Coil of the Dragon (the covenant's unique power), making it a sure draw to players
  • Provides settings, antagonists and story seeds for Storytellers

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