The Orders of the Heart are Romantic Societies of the Kithain.

Overview Edit


Romance is a major part of Kithain life and several romantic orders exist to further the cause of love and romance in a world that can be, in many ways, lacking in these qualities. The methods and agendas of these Romanticist organizations (some are more philosophies than actual organizations) vary greatly. Followers of these groups often have highly specialized cantrips that allow them to further their desires. (There are even rumors of secret Arts possessed solely by these groups.)

Romantic Legacies Edit

Romantic Legacies are the personalities the Kithain manifest in Romantic encounters, particularly when in the stylized and formal dance of Courtly Love. These legacies can have a great impact on the Order a fae may join, if any.

Some Orders Edit

The following three orders are open to any fae.

Shadow Court Orders Edit

References Edit

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