The Order of St. Michael, known also as the Michaelites, was an ancient order of demon-hunters that survives as a sect in the Society of Leopold.


The Order of St. Michael was founded by a converted Roman soldier named Antonius after he received a vision of the archangel Michael. Believing that the Second Coming was imminent, they trained to be ready for the day of the Apocalypse and to protect the Christian communities within the empire. To this end, they practiced exorcisms as a kind of spiritual warfare against the Infernal. While they received fame as talented exorcists beyond the borders of Rome, the continued absence of the Day of Judgement tempered their apocalyptic zeal, until only a skeleton crew remained by the time the Inquisition was founded. They do not seek the presence of the Infernal “in other things” (vampires, werewolves, etc.), but hunt the direct presence of the diabolic on earth.

Some Michaelites study Theurgy (particularly Via Geniorum), but not to the extent of the Albertines. They do it with less intellectual curiosity and more pragmatism.


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