During the 14th century, the Catholic Church established an auxiliary of 14 saints to protect the plagued masses. One of the 14, St. Blaise, was known for his healing abilities of throat maladies. It became wide practice at this time that on February third, devotees would have their throats blessed by a pair of crossed candles. Cainites active in the Church found it particularly ironic that those same blessed throats would provide a sacred meal for vampires.

In the Modern Nights, the Order of St. Blaise is a clerical order under Sabbat control, mainly Lasombra. Members of the Order are known to traffic with the higher echelons of the Church, and sometimes even with the Society of Leopold. Through careful manipulation of Church resources and “good works” done at the community level, members of the order influence aspects of their cities in ways most Sabbat traditionally neglect. By establishing herds in soup kitchens and exempting certain buildings from tax status, the Order of St. Blaise expands the Sabbat’s power on local levels. Lately, the order has established small cloistered monasteries throughout the world. Vampires within the sect maintain minimal contact with the higher levels of the Church, preferring the anonymity of the lower ranks.

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