The Order of Sir Martin (officially referred to as the Most Noble Order of the Fallen King), is a bloodline of the Nosferatu clan of vampires. Bloodline legend accredits the formation of the line to an ancient monster called Martin of Jerusalem in the late 11th century.

In truth, the Order of Sir Martin acts as a sort of secret police for the Invictus, a rare few forsake the First Estate for the Ordo Dracul.


The bloodline originates in Jerusalem. During the First Crusade, an ancient Haunt only referred to as "Martin" began to spread leprosy among the invading knights, as well as learning about their culture, creating a stabile herd from which he drew loyal childer. By the end of the 12th century, the lineage had grown to almost a dozen Kindred residing throughout the Holy Land. While a few were directly related to Martin, most were European monsters who had followed the Crusade east. The native Kindred, however, were upset about the Haunt's "betrayal". As a response, Martin reformed his bloodline, changing them into something akin to a knightly order. He adopted King Baldwin of Jerusalem as his patron "saint". Though the Leper Knights never gained the respect of the other knightly orders of the period, they both outperformed and outlasted the vast majority. Martin taught his followers to cleave only to the words of oaths, discarding the spirit for a convenient loophole. The bloodline began to spread back into the occident and entered an alliance of mutual benefit with the Invictus.

In modern times, the Order of Sir Martin is organized in several chapters in various major cities across the globe. Nomadic members of the lineage, called Rovers, travel between the chapters, providing information and aid to compatriots in distant domains.


The Lepers suffer the Nosferatu curse, often manifesting as a form of leprosy.

In addition, Lepers are wracked with a foul disease that upsets their humors. When they feed, they occaisonally have to vomit precious vitae, and sometimes even outside feeding in times of stress. The vitae loses its ability to form Vinculi or create Ghouls, but the Leper can try to reconsume it.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Nosferatu clan

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