Name: Hermetic
Plural: Hermetics
Pronounciation: ohr'-dur uv hur'-meez
Seat: Forces
Faction: Council of Nine Mystic Traditions



Early History

Dark Ages

Formally founded in 767.

Twelve Founding Houses:

  • 1003
    • House Diedne accused of diabolism by Tremere. Destroyed in the Schism War by Flambeau, Tremere, Tytalus.
  • 1199
    • The Order of Hermes discovers House Tremere's vampirism.
  • 1200s
    • House Jerbiton adopted into Ex Miscellanea, the first Founding House to be so "demoted."
  • 1300s
    • Founding House Merinita adopted into Ex Miscellanea.


Houses as of 1400:

  • 1600s
    • House Verditius adopted into Ex Miscellanea.
  • 1630
    • House Mercere adopted into Ex Miscellanea.
  • 1700
    • House Validas accused of diabolism, wiped out.
  • 1780
    • House Ziracah wiped out in Hellfire Club incident.

Victorian Age

Houses as of 1800:

Modern Nights

As of Mage's First Edition (1993), the roster of the Order is as follows:

This roster remains the same through First Edition and much of Second Edition, changing only during the Reckoning:



See history above. A list of all known Houses follows.

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