Oracles are legendary mages who ascended at the same time as the Exarchs (those who stormed the Supernal Realms). They are thought to be the origin of the watchtowers and to assist in keeping the pathways to the Supernatural open, preventing the Exarchs from keeping heaven for themselves.

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Oracle of the Golden Key

The Thrice-Great Legacy was founded by a meeting between the philosopher Hipparchos and the Oracle Aion. Hipparchos was an astronomer of Greece from 190 to 120 BC, learned in Egyptian and Babylonian astrology. He Awakened when he realized there must be a force beyond the material realm that he could observe. Convinced that the key to reaching the Supernal realms resided in the heavens themselves, Hipparchos went deep into Shadow to meet the spirits of the planets themselves, and when he reached the furthest stars in Shadow he cried out, demanding to face the One Beyond. Aion answered, and taught him the magic of the planetary bodies.


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