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Oracle is a term used by mages to describe the legendary individuals among their kind who’ve either Ascended or else stopped just short of Ascension in order to help (or hinder) life on Earth. Often considered a myth.


The Traditions Protocols established that the will of an Oracle must always be obeyed, but few modern mages even believe that Oracles exist. To be described as an Oracle is one of the highest honors an individual mage can achieve. The Oracle is a mythic mage who’s transcended Earthly existence and now hovers between full Ascension and imperfect mortality. Essentially a bodhisattva or a saint, an Oracle is more than a person and less than a divinity.

There are at least three Oracles mentioned by name: Akrites Salonikas, a Seer of the First Cabal, Al-Aswad, a Nephandus and Medea, a Marauder. "The Theogenesis Gimmick" (Truth Beyond Paradox) appears to be a story about an Oracle's ascension.

In one of the possible Time of Judgment scenarios presented in Ascension, Dante becomes an Oracle of Correspondence and aligns himself with the disembodied Avatars who comprise the Rogue Council.[1]


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