The Oprichniki are the youngest of the revenants, with a history dating back only to 1565 CE, during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. They serve the elders of the Oradea League.


The Russian dictator Ivan the Terrible ruled by oprichnina and used his secret police to ferret out dissidents, detractors, and anyone he deemed a traitor. Called the oprichniki, these mortal agents sowed fear and discord throughout the countryside in a campaign of legitimized murder.

The oprichniki barely survived the reign of their master, for they suffered his ministrations as well. He turned them upon each other in his final years, and only the vilest of their lot survived. The survivors were adopted by the Russian Tzimisce and bred into a revenant family, despite never setting a foot on the blighted soil of Transylvania.

When the Shadow Curtain fell, the Oprichiniki family was severed from the Sabbat's area of influence. Since then, they have stayed in Russia and Romania, serving the elders within the Oradea League and other powerful independent Tzimisce with domains in territories of the Soviet Union. These loyalties make them one of the next revenant families targeted for extinction by the main clan.

Supernatural CharacteristicsEdit

Family Disciplines: Vicissitude, Obfuscate, Animalism (Revised); Potence, Obfuscate, Animalism (V20)

Weakness: All Oprichiniki find themselves haunted by a wraith, even if they never touched another human being and regardless of their ethnic background.



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