The Operatives are a Methodology of the New World Order focused on the capture or elimination of Reality Deviants and espionage.

They specialize in Mind and Forces.


While some seek the origin of the Operatives in the long-lost Ksirafai, others point to the Torch faction of the Lightkeepers or the Skeleton Keys of Rathbone. Whatever their real origin is, the Operatives were first utilized against Czar Vargo and his mad scheme to achieve world peace by demanding that the governments of the world should submit to him in 1914. Agent Rupert Sparrow proved himself the most capable of their number when his infiltration of Vargo's followers resulted in vicious infighting that stopped the self-proclaimed Zeppelin Emperor before he could have done more damage.

Sparrow's methods became standard among the Operatives. Since then, they have seeded every single secret service around the world, from the CIA to the KGB. Since the rise of Reality Deviants in the 1950s, the Operatives relied on cloning technology from the Progenitors to keep their numbers up. Implanting the image of the "Men in Black" into the public consciousness, the Operatives manipulated the Consensus in their advantage and allowed many of them to pass as government officials.


Much of what the operatives exactly do is classified information. Tradition propaganda paints them as perpetrators of abuses against the Masses, who come and erase the minds of those who witnessed supernatural acts, leaving them as mental vegetables. Even within the Union, most are uneasy around them. The Operatives themselves do nothing to discourage such rumors.


Unlike other Methodologies, the Operatives have a clear ranking system separate from that of their Convention.

  • Blacksuits (Men in Black): These agents work as shock troops against reality crimes. Many of their numbers are clones, with a high number of unAwakened and Extraordinary Citizen among them. Their tasks include assaulting Tradition outposts, driving back invading entities from other realms, reeducating sleepers and operating procession.
  • Greysuits (Men in Grey): The Men in Grey are infiltrators and spies that often operate in enemy territory. Their focus are the Traditions, but other Deviant organizations are also targeted at times. When the Greysuit determines that a group is a threat to the Union, they neutralize the danger by destabilizing it. Greysuits have a dangerous tendency of insubordination, and the majority of them are Awakened.
  • Whitesuits (Men in White): The Men in White enforce the edicts of Control within the Technocratic Union itself. Members of all conventions fear them, as they have the authority to question or process any member of the Union they deem a threat. In most cases, they spend their time guarding Constructs.
  • Intelligence Analyst: In contrast to the "suits", analysts mostly stay behind to evaluate information they get from agents and allied methodologies. They are also responsible for assigning agents of the New World Order to agents of other Conventions.


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