Operation Eden is Project Utopia's famous and successful terraforming project which transformed the Ethiopian highlands, including Addis Ababa, into a "lush temperate region" to be used for agriculture.

Operation Eden was met with scepticism when announced on May 6, 2003. The project was a joint venture with the United Nations and Ethiopian government, and overseen by Spencer "Antaeus" Balmer, Utopia's assistant director of Ecological Engineering.

Antaeus did the bulk of the work on the land, altering geography and creating artesian wells with the assistance of Splash. Other novas assisted with scientific research, by replicating Antaeus and Splash's work elsewhere, and by populating the area with suitable lifeforms, some subtly altered for the purpose.

The project took three years, officially announcing its completion on May 22, 2006, and it was almost universally heralded as a total success. In gratitude the Ethiopian government gave a large area of land on Addis Ababa's southern edge to Project Utopia, which became the home base for Team Tomorrow.

Ethiopia became the "breadbasket of Africa", producing food to help feed the continent, but in later years the Operation drew criticism as rumours grew that the region was only stable due to constant caretaking by novas. The truth of this was never fully revealed, though Antaeus' involvement makes it seem unlikely.

Project Utopia tried to duplicate their success and popularity in 2009 with the announcement of the similar project, Operation Genesis.

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