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One Foot in the Grave: A Jumpstart for Geist: The Sin-Eaters Second Edition is a 2021 release for Geist: The Sin-Eaters.


From the seller's page:

Remove a keystone,
and the arch collapses.
It’ll be no different with her.
Like every city, Rochester has its ghosts — and like other cities, it has those who prey upon and those who aid the dead. The machinations of a young but powerful Reaper, the Iridescent Maggot, threaten one of the dead patrons of Rochester’s ghost community, and there are none who can stand against it. None, that is, save the Sin-Eaters of Rochester, who will brave even the Underworld to keep their city safe.
One Foot in the Grave contains:
  • A full introductory story designed to guide players and Storytellers into the world of Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition.
  • Nine ready-to-play characters.
  • Abbreviated rules, including everything needed to play out the story.
  • Story hooks to extend play into a full Chronicle.


The First Handful of Dirt

This chapter acts as the introduction to the book, giving general themes that should be kept in mind going forward.

Six Feet Under

This section provides basic information on how to play a game in the Chronicles of Darkness in general and Geist: The Sin-Eater in particular (e.g. types of damage, types of actions, Merits, a list of Haunts).

One Foot in the Grave

The meat of the book, this section provides the characters (expanded on in a later section), setting, and story.

Cast of Characters

As the title indicates, this section provides a more detailed look at the characters involved in the story.


This final section acts as an information repository for relevant Conditions.

Background Information

Memorable Quotes



  • Ariel Brandt
  • Susanna Gaspar
  • Tansy Goldstein
  • Iridescent Maggot
  • Barrett Karalis
  • Bela Kovacs
  • Joseph Letterman
  • Deeandra "D" Masters
  • Nick Rohrbach
  • Kate Rudaski


  • The Heart and Ostrich Society
  • Local Zero-Zero-Zero
  • The Philoi Eleusoun
  • The Unbroken Circle
  • The Vulgar Lilacs


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