OneBookShelf (OBS) is a digital marketplace for roleplaying games, fiction, comics, and other traditional games. It serves as the home of the online storefronts DriveThruRPG (DTRPG) and RPGNow, and is the exclusive retailer for digital books from publishers like White Wolf and Onyx Path.

OBS was formed in 2006 by a merger of the digital retailers RPGNow and DriveThruRPG; RPGNow was established in 2001 by James Mathe (and was one of the very first dedicated marketplaces for RPG ebooks), and DriveThruRPG was established in 2004 by White Wolf alumni Mike Todd, Chris McDonough and Steve Wieck. Both sites are still used as nominally distinct storefronts following the merger, although the lion's share of traffic and marketing go to DTRPG. Other specialized storefronts were added over the years that followed, including DriveThruFiction, DriveThruComics, DriveThruCards. In 2010, OBS launched its print-on-demand (POD) service, allowing customers to purchase hard copies of an increasing selection of out-of-print or never-in-print books from its back catalog, including many books from White Wolf.

OneBookShelf storefrontsEdit

  • DriveThruCards[1]
  • DriveThruComics[2]
  • DriveThruFiction[3]
  • DriveThruRPG[4]
  • Dungeon Masters Guild[5] (formerly DnDClassics[6]), the official digital storefront for Dungeons & Dragons and related products from Wizards of the Coast
  • RPGNow[7]
  •[8], the official digital storefront for the German publisher Ulisses Spiele
  • Wargame Vault[9] (formerly Wargaming Online)
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