Near the heart of Arcadia, the Old Man rules his Well of Tears, capturing and stabling a myriad of Darkling servants.



Within Arcadia, wells are places of power, capable equally of curses and blessings. Those merciless Keepers who control the wells control their powers over water, being able to summon and banish rains; to drown those who the waters capture.

The Old Man is one such Keeper, with a voice like storm clouds and eyes ever-weeping. The lore of the Lost names him Tlaloc, the Rain Singer, and he takes payment for his wishes in seventh-born sons. He rules over the water-logged caverns deep beneath the surface of Faerie, hoarding there his ancient treasures, and his servants, changed by his power, die if brought to air too quickly.

His ChangelingsEdit

Those Darklings whom he has taken act as guards to his treasures, and their bodies change to suit their master, becoming froglike and webbed, wearing jewelry taken from his hoard. Those who manage to escape often do so through secrets stolen from the flesh of the Old Man's fish, the eating of which grants knowledge of the Hedge.


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