The Okubili are African Kiths for Changeling: The Dreaming .

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Some fae lead lives based on singular beliefs: honor, strength, art, or love. For the okubili, finding a golden middle way between a myriad of values is the way to find balance and happiness. The road to fulfillment never ends. Okubili do not claim to have found optimal balance, though quite a few have joined the ranks of the Síocháin over time. Members of this kith believe that other fae do not place enough attention on the cycle of death and rebirth that is central to the existence of changelings, and encourage others to discover their past lives as a means of attaining enlightenment as well as sometimes atoning for past sins.

Okubili love to share their beliefs with other kiths and changelings, especially those of a single mind, and believe that although they have yet to completely understand the beauty of duality, pursuing this path makes them natural leaders. More often than not this kith will find themselves taking on roles as spiritual guides or gurus. What makes okubili unique is their strength of spirit and character. An okubili rarely doubts her own gut feeling or character and will almost always harbor a strong sense of meaning both in the Dreaming and the Autumn world.

Okubili are known for their versatility, as they can find meaning and balance in almost any location or way of living, as long as there is a presence of duality. They can be school teachers by summer and by winter act as shamans for the tribe. While they may not lead actual double lives, the practice is not unheard of among the Unseelie members of this kith, and even those who shy away from such duplicity often have distinct, separate worlds in their lives, often with friend and family groups that have no idea about the other parts of the changeling’s life. For their part, the okubili do not see this as dishonest, but merely an expression of the duality and self-expression they revere.

Appearance & LifestyleEdit

Although their mortal seeming might change throughout the day because of their different lifestyles, their fae mien stays the same. Because of their warrior heritage, all are built strong, with lean muscles that suit them for running long distances and aid them in battle. Most okubili prefer neat, straightforward clothes. This kith’s most unique feature are their eyes, which shift color depending on their mood and state of mind. Some eyes stay the same color throughout their bearer’s entire existence, while others change several times a day. It is often said that an okubili with rapidly changing eye colors is out of balance.

Okubili often harvest Glamour in meditation, though that may take the form of simple activity rather than introspective idleness. They also enjoy Revelry from teaching others when possible. An obukili Unleashing makes shadows darker and lights brighter, and brings feelings of either profound self-confidence for benevolent magic or crippling doubt for malicious cantrips.


  • Affinity - Scene
  • Anger Management -  Because the okubili are so in line with their own emotions, they rarely lose their composure or make an outburst of any sort. Okubili may spend 1 Willpower to completely suppress strong displays of emotion as well as ignore any mundane attempts to provoke them to emotional outbursts for a full scene. Any such efforts simply fail. Magical attempts to manipulate the emotions of an okubili suffer a +3 difficulty penalty.
  • Strength of the Cycle - Okubili are attuned to their past lives, and have an innate knack for accessing them. An okubili receives two dots of the Remembrance Background for free at character creation, even if it takes them above five dots, and subtracts -1 from the difficulty of all rolls made with that Background. Okubili also cannot botch Enigmas or Leadership rolls.


  • Immersive Mind - Between past lives and dual lives and secret identities, okubili can find themselves overwhelmed and lose track of their current identity, causing embarrassing or even dangerous episodes where they start behaving as though they were living one of their other lives. Treat this Frailty as the Flashbacks Flaw (Changeling p.182), except that the triggers relate to other identities they currently maintain as well as past lives they recall via Remembrance. The okubili does not receive extra points for this Flaw.

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