Authors: Richard Dansky, Bill Bridges, Jess Hartley, Natasha Bryant-Raible, Jason Andrew, Sarah Roark, Alan Alexander, Matthew McFarland, Edward Austin Hall
Developer: Justin Achilli
Editor: Jessa Markert
Managing Editor: Matt M McElroy
Creative Director: Rich Thomas
Art Direction & Design: Mike Chaney
Cover Art: Michael Gaydos
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: January 22, 2014
Pages: 112
Online: Bullet-fictionBullet-nip
Price: Print: $7.97
PDF: $2.99

Of Predators and Prey: The Hunters Hunted II Anthology is a fiction anthology for Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition. The book is a companion to The Hunters Hunted II.


From the Onyx Path catalog:

Most mortals turn away from the darkness that preys upon them, going about their lives in despair of the Damned and the evils they visit upon the world. But a precious few wage a personal war to shine light on those shadows and diminish them, like solitary candles shining in the night. The path of the hunter is lonely and fraught with danger, at once beset by the monsters they hunt and looked upon with suspicion by their fellow mortals they thanklessly seek to protect.



Shut In by Bill BridgesEdit

HOA/DOA by Richard DanskyEdit

Lest Monsters We Become by Jess HartleyEdit

Psy-Fri Friday by Natasha Bryant-RaibleEdit

Blood Will Have Blood by Jason AndrewEdit

The Ivy Twines by Sarah RoarkEdit

Feeding Habits by Alan AlexanderEdit

Showbiz by Matthew McFarlandEdit

Patrol by Edward Austin HallEdit

Background InformationEdit

This book was a stretch goal for the Deluxe The Hunters Hunted II Kickstarter campaign, wherein each stretch goal after the initial one added another story to the anthology.

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