Yesugei, also known as Oderic by the Franks, was a wandering Gangrel that sired Aajav, the "young wolf".


This Gangrel fought many battles and went deep into eastern territories. He was old before the coming of Rome and older still when he saw it fall.

At the end of the Mongol campaigns against the Russian principalities, Oderic pursued Batu Khan and Subetai's armies as they retreated across the steppe. Around this time, a young rider named Aajav caught his eye. The elder was utterly impressed by the youngster military prowess and keen sense of honor, so he craved to Embrace him.

The only problem was that a group of Anda – who, until that time, had been only a myth to Oderic – claimed Aajav for themselves. Ultimately, Oderic challenged the khan of this group to honorable single combat. The battle took almost twelve hours, but in the end, the Anda's corpse was food to the sun, and the next evening Oderic Embraced Aajav.

Later, when his childe began to pressure the Anda for permission to Embrace his sworn brother Qarakh, Oderic encouraged him to create the new vampire and to pay no attention to what the "Tartars" had to say.

Oderic claimed he has survived many encounters with the Lupines, and can count on a full claw how many he himself has killed.


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