Classic World of Darkness Events Edit

  • 2003
    • A man identified as Eneas Zoetope stumbled into an Upstate New York town today, completely covered in blood and gore. He surrendered to the authorities, saying only "Revenge is done. Now my sister can rest." Police continue to question him as to who the blood belongs to and where the bodies are, but all he has said so far is "Nunnehi."[2]

Chronicles of Darkness Events Edit

  • 1916
    • A briish soldier at the Somne named Graves sees a young recruit die during a gas attack.[3]

Trinity Universe Events Edit

  • 2118
    • The FSA condemns "orbital terrorists," individuals and nations who take advantage of low-Earth orbit for purposes of illicit surveillance. "Even independent orbital facilities like New Horizon Station and Eyrie Station are guilty ... ."[6]

References Edit

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