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Classic World of Darkness Events Edit

  • 2003
    • Police were flooded with over a dozen calls last night relating to unexplained sightings in the city of Faro, WA, 50 miles from Walla Walla. Officials traced the cause to a large quantity of a hallucinogenic drug in the town’s drinking water supply. WWPD have not as yet identified the substance. A review of recorded phone calls contained similar testimony relating to "lights" and "disembodied sounds" in the homes of Faro residents. The wide sampling of similar reports suggests the same chemical affected all 15 witnesses. Scientific experts will arrive in town this weekend to conduct further enquiries.[5]

Trinity Universe Events Edit

  • 2003
    • The Triton Foundation announces the discovery of a vaccine for AIDS. The World Health Organization declares October 7th "Red Ribbon Day" and, with the help of health organizations on the national and local levels, vaccinates 90% of the world population by the end of the year.[6]
  • 2004
    • Prof. Alan Coleman of Stanford University presents a lecture on "Law in the Nova Age." Many lawyers considered the 2001 cleanup of the Mafia as a symbolic victory at best, since evidence collected by metasensory perception wouldn't be admissible in court. However, the District Attorney argued that since T2M were private citizens, they weren't held to the same standards of evidence as the police, and were required to report any crimes of which they were aware. Metasensory powers shouldn't invalidate that law. The judge agreed.[7]
  • 2120
    • Montressor Clinic's Department of Administration sends an OpMail notice out to the entire Æsculapian Order Clinic Network about a change in termination policy due to some irregularities and unethical conduct at installations throughout Europe and Luna.[9]

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