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  • 1999
    • Doctor119 goes to vist Jared Shoemaker in prison, but is confronted by two Wraiths who torment him. Eventually the police arrive and ask him to go home.[1]
    • Doctor119 is confronted in his home by a Wraith, but manages to keep it in place. He calls Builder50 who comes to his house and uses his Death Fog to chase it away. Jared's brother Jarvis comes to Doctor's house and tells him Jared is going to attempt to escape from prison. Builder and Doctor agree to assist.[2]
  • 2003
    • WTOJ broadcasts an intercept from an unknown poster on The post regards a massive shape, like a Gothic cathedral, appearing on the LA skyline. "I think it was at least a mile wide, more than a hundred stories high." The poster originally thought that it was a vision from the Messengers, except the waitress at the café also saw it.[3]

References Edit

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