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Real-life Events

World of Darkness Events

  • 2003
    • Calcutta authorities were helpless as mobs gathered along the shores of the Ganges River, claiming to be there to witness “the ascension of the demon avatars.” The gathering turned violent when an explosion rocked the scene. The crowd rioted, resulting in the deaths of well over 100 people and nearly five times that number injured. Witnesses claimed to have seen burning figures walking on the surface of the river and four-armed avatars (described as manifestations of Hindu gods) attacking people and drinking their blood. Indian authorities have declared a state of emergency and imposed martial law in an effort to restore order.[3]
    • A police raid on the Church of Abaddon Ascendant's newly built Washington D.C. temple leaves 12 churchgoers and four police officers dead. This evening, an anonymous caller reportedly phoned the office of the mayor demanding that he and his officials "bow before the Ebon King who waits." Immediately thereafter the city is plunged into inexplicable darkness, touching off bloody riots that continued despite the declaration of martial law and the deployment of National Guard troops, tanks and helicopters.[3]
    • Kilpatrick's Bail Bonds writes a bond for Isabel Valentine, arrested for battery.[4]

Trinity Universe Events

  • 2002
    • Mexico City is rocked by an earthquake in the early afternoon, but T2M Americas saves literally hundreds of lives.[5] Firefly's ability to project her consciousness through walls comes in handy in locating survivors. Later this year, she will be useful when a religious fanatic detonates a bomb in a Monaco casino.[6]


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