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The Ocean View Hotel is a ocean-side hotel in Santa Monica. Recently-renovated, it had previously been known as the Ocean House Hotel, but rumors of haunting had the building sitting long-abandoned for decades. Even after re-opening, visitors report nighttime footsteps, creaking walls, and shattering vases.[1]


The Ocean House Hotel's grand opening was May 30, 1958, and among its first guests was a man named Ed, his wife, and their children Ed Jr. and Tiffany. Ed's mood turns dark and paranoid not long after arrival, and within a week he'd killed his family and set fire to the hotel, where he presumably died as well.

The Hotel remained closed for nearly 50 years, until 2004, when Therese Voerman acquired the property with the intent to renovate and reopen. Several construction crews abandoned their work and refused to return due to continued haunting by the ghosts of Ed and his wife, until Therese acquired the services of Prince LaCroix's latest minion, convincing them to retrieve an item to which the ghost was tied.[2]

By 2005 it had reopened as the "Ocean View Hotel," and noted Kindred researcher Beckett briefly stayed there. The effort to use the item to banish the ghost may have only been partly successful, as signs of haunting evidently continue even after the renovation.




  • Some of the original concept art for the Ocean House resembled the real-world Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood, which has a reputation for being haunted. The Plus version of the Unofficial Patch took the concept art and unused assets to restore the Chateau as its own separate location in the Anarch ending to VTM: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines .
  • The final appearance of the hotel bears a resemblance to the Ocean House Hotel, a real-world hotel in Rhode Island, particularly when seen from the back.
  • The history of the Ocean House is similar to the events which took place in the Overlook Hotel in Stephen King's The Shining.
  • GameSpy named the Ocean House their 2004 Level of the Year.


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