The Oathbound are a Troll Society of Oath fanatics.

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The Oathbound are by far the most serious and demanding of all societies to which a troll can belong. Members of the society (called 'fanatics' by their detractors) take their Frailty to heart, and go even further. All that is required of members is that they take the strongest of oaths to lifelong service to a person, place, or ideal. The Oathbound have been in existence since time immemorial, and trace their lineage directly back to Ottmar Oathbreaker (they insist on using the pejorative term as it reminds them of their duty). Bodyguards beyond compare, they will willingly die in the protection of their charges. As such, they are constantly sought by members of the nobility, though the elders of the society have strict and seemingly arbitrary rules governing who and what may or may not be worthy of such protection. Because of their mysterious criteria, rumors constantly abound concerning a "hidden agenda" the society is alleged to have. Defenders point out that, if such an agenda exists, it is very subtle and slow in unfolding and cannot go directly against the oaths each takes when accepting their charge. The detractors remain suspicious, though this has not prevented them from secretly attempting to gain a bodyguard themselves. Membership is open to trolls of both Courts, though it comes as little surprise that very few of the Unseelie choose to become members.

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