The Oath of Union is an Oath of House Liam that joins an outside fae to its ranks.

Words[edit | edit source]

I come naked before you, unbound by the ties of blood or honor, Unbound by doubts or hesitation, I stand unadorned before you. I humbly ask that House Liam clothe me, in the manner of the house; In the manner that is fitting. I pray that you grant me this boon I swear I will accept the burdens of House Liam, as they are no burdens; It is no hardship to protect. I swear that I will take them up with joy. As a life without meaning: For my life is united with the house.

Overview[edit | edit source]

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This is the first sacred oath of House Liam is for those who were not born into the house and is, as such, a rebirth and treated as such in the ritual associated with it. The changeling swearing the oath goes before the witness naked. They are expected to swear the oath with eyes closed, trusting that the witness hears them and accepts their words. If the witness believes the supplicant's sincerity. He or She places a white robe, representing swaddling clothes, onto the oathswearer. The Oath of Union carries a great deal of symbolic and magical weight and is enforced by the weight of Glamour.

For more information on how and when this oath is taken, see the article House Liam#Commoners of the House.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Breaking this oath can lead to sickness and a literal wasting away, if the Kithain breaking the oath is not too banal. Banality is a defense against impact.

Other Liam Oaths[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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