The Oath of Truehearts is an Oath sworn by lovers among the Kithain to each other.

Words Edit

I give a gift of myself to thee. Take it freely; freely it is offered, and forever thou hast me in thy keeping. I swear love unto you and pledge you my troth. May those who watch over love watch over this oath and those who keep it, and may we never find fault in their eyes.

Overview Edit

Obviously this oath needs no explanation. It is spoken in unison by the two (or more) lovers it binds.

Effects Edit

When the words are spoken the oath takes a point of Glamour from each oathmaker to craft a chimerical songbird visible only to the oathmakers. The moment the oath is broken the bird ceases to sing and perches on the shoulder of the oathbreaker, becoming visible to all as a sign of the betrayal. All parties also gain a point of Banality. The positive effect of the oath is that the lovers each gain an additional point of Glamour from any Rapture the lovers participate in together.

The Satyr Version Edit

Satyrs, who are known for being less than monogamous, have a special version of this oath.

Words Edit

Let the moon and the stars be my witness as I pledge you my love. I shall hold you in my heart with the passion of a thousand suns. Roam though I may, I shall always return to you and let no other remove your memory from me. You are my true love and so shall you stay, no matter where my destiny takes me.

Overview Edit

The wording closely reflects a satyr's free-spirited nature and does not bind them to anything that interferes with the pursuit of their Passion. Most satyrs find the standard oath to be too constricting and refuse to swear it. This one, while still expressing deep devotion, doesn't limit freedom of action.

The oath is spoken alone or in conjunction with another, depending on the situation. If a satyr has fallen passionately in love, they may take the oath alone, merely out of a need to show their feelings.


When taken alone, the satyr uses a point of Glamour to create a chimerical ring they wear themself. Once the oath is taken, the ring can never be removed. It shines brilliantly, visible only to the satyr and their true love. If they break the oath, though, the ring appears blackly tarnished to all fae and their finger turns green. They also gain a point of Banality for disregarding the oath. If the star remains true to the oath, the receive one extra Glamour point from any Rapture they participate in.

If sworn with another, the oath functions just like the regular Oath of Truehearts.

References Edit

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