This Oath of Adoption is an Oath sworn by any non-house fae seeking to join House Ailil.

Words Edit

As my blood now flows with yours, as my heart beats in time to yours, as my eyes lift with yours to the same stars, so now am I one with you. I swear loyalty to House Ailil with blood, heart and body. May my heartblood flow unchecked should I betray my chosen house. Yours I am, spurning all former ties of house and hearth until my blood no longer courses, my heart no longer beats and the stars no longer make their passage through the heavens.

Overview Edit

Sidhe born to another house or commoners with no house affiliation swear this oath upon their adoption into House Ailil. As with the Oath of Membership, this oath usually takes place under a star-filled sky. First, the swearer sheds a few drops of their blood (usually taken from the wrist or palm) into a goblet containing blood from at least three nobles of the house, who also witness the oath. After pouring the blood onto the ground, the swearer speaks the words of the oath.

Effects Edit

The swearer gains a permanent point of Glamour upon completion of the oath. If the oath is broken, this Glamour is lost.

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References Edit

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