An Oath is a formal, binding declaration of will made by one or more Changelings.

Overview Edit

Oaths are one of the Bedrocks of Kithain society. Made between parties or from one party to another, they create social order. Oaths are not taken lightly. They bind the oathmaker to the Dreaming and the Dreaming itself enforces the oath. Many oaths have palpable benefits for keeping them. Breaking an oath, too, has consequences... some quite dire. At the very least the oathbreaker will be marked as such and be seen as a pariah in the community.

Types Edit


There are many types of Oaths. Below are the ones mentioned or described in Changeling: The Dreaming 2nd Ed.

General Oaths Edit

  • The Oath of Escheat is the oath a liege lord or lady makes on accepting the fealty of a vassal.

Societal Oaths Edit

These oaths are sworn upon entering certain societies.

House Oaths Edit

Each of the Noble Houses also have oaths of loyalty sworn by all Sidhe of the House as well as commoners who chose to become true vassals.

House Aesin Edit

The Oath of House Aesin

House Ailil Edit

The Oaths of House Ailil

House Balor Edit

The Oaths of House Balor. Balor sidhe are often masters of the use of oaths to control others.

House Beaumayn Edit

The Oaths of House Beaumayn

House Daireann Edit

The Oath of House Daireann

House Dougal Edit

The Oath of House Dougal

House Eiluned Edit

The Oaths of House Eiluned

House Fiona Edit

The Oaths of House Fiona

House Gwydion Edit

The Oath of House Gwydion

House Leanhaun Edit

The Oaths of House Leanhaun

House Liam Edit

The Oaths of House Liam

House Scathach Edit

House Varich Edit

The Oaths of House Varich

Kith Oaths Edit

Boggan Oaths Edit

Troll Oaths Edit

  • The Oath of Adoption - An oath by which a Troll, usually ennobled, will take a fledge into their family line.

Oathbreaking Edit


It is possible to break an oath unwittingly. If a fae uses Elder Form to transform themselves into their enemy's beloved and tricks them into breaking their oath, for example, it is possible for them to atone by doing some quest or action.

If, however, the oath is purposely forsworn, the Faerie in question becomes an Oathbreaker, which is one the worst epithets among the Kithain. An oathbreaker is psychically marked and finds it is almost impossible to find a tutor, at least a reputable one, or aid of any sort. Some darker fae may actually prey on the forsworn with the offer of aid at great spiritual, emotional, or physical cost.

A Note on Pooka Edit

Changelings view oaths as the most sacred events in their lives. The Dreaming itself binds them to their oaths and imposes severe consequences for a broken oath. Because of this, pooka may take oaths normally like any other changeling. The Dreaming lifts all restrictions on them for lying when pooka pronounce the words of the oath. The oath comes out shining and true. Perhaps this explains why pooka take oaths so very seriously.

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