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So, you’re home. What now?
Gonna run and hide for the rest of your life to make sure They never find you again?
Screw that. Don’t let Them scare you.
Take up space. Make noise. Write your name across the sky and let Them know you’re not going anywhere without a fight.
You brought the fairy tale to your home turf, and you make the rules here.
Your words have power now, so use them. Build a community.
Bargain with gods. Defy traditions.
Choose a role to play, and write your own script.
Bring dreams to life and grasp immortality.
Nothing will ever be the same again.
And that’s a promise.
– Pretty Penny, Summer Court Elemental
Oak, Ash, and Thorn is a companion book to Changeling: The Lost Second Edition, expanding on what’s in the core book. It contains:
  • Expanded rules for freeholds and a selection of seeds for sample freeholds in four international locations.
  • Rules for creating new court Bargains and an introduction to non-traditional Mantles, including free companies, traveling bands, and Lost dynasties, with a playable example of each.
  • Entitlements, the titles of nobility that changelings assume to inherit mystical legacies from the Lost who came before them, including three full examples with accompanying tokens and Merits.
  • Expanded rules for tokens, including two new types with examples, guidelines for creating your own, and a system for ripping out one’s heart to become unkillable.


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