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Nuwisha is one of the Changing Breeds books for Werewolf: The Apocalypse, focused on the werecoyotes of North America.


Laughter on the Wind
The Children of Coyote can wear just about any face they like, wander wherever they want in this world or the next, and generally outsmart anyone unlucky enough to cross their path. Some say the werecoyotes might even be too clever for their own good but who listens to people like that?
The Werecoyotes Gather
Nuwisha is one of the popular Changing Breed books for Werewolf. This character book spotlights the werecoyotes, the tricksters par excellence of the World of Darkness. Learn their ancient tales and the secrets that they alone know about the coming Apocalypse.


Introduction: Laughter on the Wind

Chapter One: The Truth About the World

The Nuwisha's history of the world.

Chapter Two: How to be a Proper Nuwisha

The culture of the werecoyotes.

Chapter Three: The World from Coyote's Eyes

Nuwisha around the world and beyond.

Appendix One: Toys and Tricks

Werecoyote Gifts, totems and fetishes

Appendix Two: Coyote's Children

Four ready-to-play character templates

Appendix Three: The Favored of Coyote

The most famous Nuwisha of past and present.

Background Information

The comic in the introduction was written by James A. Moore, with art by Steve Prescott and lettering by Matt Milberger.

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